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The most important event in the city is almost here: Mobile World Congress. Barcelona is the latest and is supplied to host the largest technology fair in the world. The MWC 2018 will be held on February 26 and March 1 on the Gran Vía de Fira de Barcelona. A deployment of technology, entrepreneurs, marketing campaigns, business dinners, tourists plus, all will meet to share and exchange ideas, business and bank accounts.

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The pain is in all the hearts

There are no words to explain how the world feels after what happened last Wednesday. It is not the point to look for guilty people, we know who they are. However, the world society needs to be strengthened again. This has not happened in Spain, it has happened all over the world. These Mediterranean lands are easy to love. They have good people, good food, unique architecture. It is a country that joins flags and has a million more goodies. What is surprising is to see Barcelona starting to be recover, become supportive for struggles against Islamist terrorism.

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