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Lets talks sincerely: Barcelona is a magic city full of amazing plans, and most of them are unknown to regular travelers. Is a city with more alternative plans than any other coastal city in Spain. Play volleyball on the beach, attend to pop-up events or plan excursions to discover the natural beauty of Catalonia.

Barcelona natural scapes

Volleyball at the beach

Volleyball play at Mar Bella, Poble Nou

Some days I´m just bored to spend time into the city, surrounded by buildings and without time to escape from the asphalt jungle. Volleyball at the beach is the perfect plan during those long summer days. Just need comfortable clothes, sun factor protection, sunglasses, and a nice smile.

Two options: you can be smart with social media and try to find a nice group of non-professionals volleyball amateurs players. Also, you just can go to the Poble Nou beach area and speak with the players there. Most of the time if you show a good game, they want you to play.

Pop-up events, social events and concerts

Discover what is happening in Barcelona today:

Barcelona is one of those cities where always something is happening and, this is awesome, there is a lot of free social events happens. Allow me to explain this, entry is free but you need to spend in your drinks or food. Furthermore, you could find a lot of small expositions, special activities in museums and art spots. Everything is happening at the same time.

Always something is happening, look at this:

Barcelona hides some kitchen jewels where to find tasty food. Not only cool restaurants, also, there you have brunch places, coffee shops, cakes factories, healthy food places and a lot of options more. I would like to center the attention on a few places located close to Provença Street (Provenza). What are you thinking now? Asian food? There is. Fusion food? There is too. Amazing-tasty healthy sandwiches and natural juices? There is. Good and amazing cakes? of course.

The city of Barcelona has everything to be happy: good weather, good food, nightlife, amazing beaches and a lot of mountain escape plans. But we are focusing on the food, that amazing and mixed food that you can find on this metropolis. I´m sure that doesn´t matter what you like to eat, in BARNA you will find your gastronomic space.



Resultado de imagen de robata barcelona

Price: 35€ – 50€

Address: Enric Granados, 55, Barcelona

Website: www.robata.es

Ver menú

Robata is one of the tastiest Asian food restaurants in the city. The kitchen of this places is specialized on the robata, the grill culture in the Japanese kitchen. The thing that makes this restaurant very special is the mix of flavors and how chef Fabiola Lairet plays with their knowledge on different Kitchens. Every dish is special, carefully cooked and with more than appetizing.

Resultado de imagen de robata barcelonaImagen relacionadaResultado de imagen de robata barcelona


Brunch & Cake


Price: 10€ – 15€

Address: Carrer del Rosselló, 189 – 08036 Barcelona

This place is the brunch place by excellence. All the recipes are homemade. The owner of this food haven has built this place on a very cozy atmosphere. Most of the dishes have natural ingredients. The best part: you can take the brunch at any time of the day.




Resultado de imagen de Rodriguez&Co Barcelona

Price: 10€ – 15€

Address: Carrer de Provença, 179

Website: www.rodriguezyco.com

This is the first place to think when you are searching for a good and cheap brunch. You can take the brunch menu or designs your owns combinations. In the Brunch menu, you can fill your soul with a spectacular sandwich and combined with some refreshing juice or a cold smoothie. Also, you will find a variety of salads made with fresh ingredients and healthy recipes.


Restaurante Gresca 

Restaurantes, Barcelona, food, spain, buen comer, tasty Spain
La Gresca Image from blog “All those”

Price: 30€ – 45€

Address: Calle Provença, 230, 08036 Barcelona

This amazing restaurant in an informal atmosphere has a uncover kitchen in front of the bar. This makes more real the experience of eating good food, see how it is made. The experience is very complete, with a selected variety of food and a huge collection of wines.  La Greca Bar has a Mediterranean kitchen with colorful presentations, all mixed with Catalan food and with points of Nordic food.

Resultado de imagen de la gresca barcelonaResultado de imagen de la gresca barcelonaImagen relacionadaResultado de imagen de la gresca barcelona














The most important event in the city is almost here: Mobile World Congress. Barcelona is the latest and is supplied to host the largest technology fair in the world. The MWC 2018 will be held on February 26 and March 1 on the Gran Vía de Fira de Barcelona. A deployment of technology, entrepreneurs, marketing campaigns, business dinners, tourists plus, all will meet to share and exchange ideas, business and bank accounts.

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The pain is in all the hearts

There are no words to explain how the world feels after what happened last Wednesday. It is not the point to look for guilty people, we know who they are. However, the world society needs to be strengthened again. This has not happened in Spain, it has happened all over the world. These Mediterranean lands are easy to love. They have good people, good food, unique architecture. It is a country that joins flags and has a million more goodies. What is surprising is to see Barcelona starting to be recover, become supportive for struggles against Islamist terrorism.

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