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Barcelona recovers with a massive solidarity

The pain is in all the hearts

There are no words to explain how the world feels after what happened last Wednesday. It is not the point to look for guilty people, we know who they are. However, the world society needs to be strengthened again. This has not happened in Spain, it has happened all over the world. These Mediterranean lands are easy to love. They have good people, good food, unique architecture. It is a country that joins flags and has a million more goodies. What is surprising is to see Barcelona starting to be recover, become supportive for struggles against Islamist terrorism.

Even if action is taken, no one can pay for lost lives. 13 lives that have left orphans to relatives and friends. There was no time to say goodbye, for a last “I love you”. More than 30 nationalities affected, several injured still in serious condition and many lives marked forever by this act of hatred.

All the world is fighting the same terror enemies

It is just another blow to the innocent, perpetrated by cowards. The Islamist terror provoked by the ISIS, lacks moral order and respect for life, kill wherever they are. Therefore, the Islamic world has been suffering decades of barbarism, which since 9/11 in NYC has begun to bleed into Western civil society.

The New York Times newspaper said: “Perhaps inevitably, the bitter differences will re-emerge as the shock recedes. And yet, between now and then, the horror has opened a window through which we are able to catch a glimpse of our common humanity, of how frail it is, of how thin is the line that divides civility from barbarism.”


Barcelona recovers

Barcelona has returned the coup. Society has taken the path that the terrorists least expected, the city has massive solidarity with all those affected, with the relatives of the victims. Solidarity has become a way of life. Moments after the attack, the whole city started to offer aid. Taxis offered free trips to all those in need, citizens welcomed whole families who had nowhere to hide. At the city entrances, drivers sharing their food in roadblocks, hotels allowed refuge for all who could not reach their destination and many more samples of love. Now it only matters that the county will resume its rhythm. Barcelona will be reborn amid the pain of this catastrophe.

The media show these examples of solidarity, there are many heroes in the city:

El País, Solidarity Samples

Example of local heroes

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